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We strive to offer a large variety of treatments so you can choose the best treatment for your individual needs. In the event that you don't see a procedure that you are interested in, please send us a message and we will get back to you with options customized just for you! 

We continue to fight the stigma around Medical Spas, and one of the biggest stereotypes is only offering "fluffy" expensive treatments. We keep our prices low by offering "fluff-free procedures" so you get the results you want, at a price you want. If you are looking for a luxe experience check our specials page! We have something for everyone- promise!

Natural Beauty

Enzyme Treatments

Remove dead skin and toxins

to reveal a healthy

glow from within.

Natural Beauty


Tighten and plump your skin

while reteaching your skin

to rebuild itself.

Man with Beard


Buff and polish away rough dry

skin to unveil smooth supple skin. 

Back of teenager with acne skin,pimples

Acne Treatments

Heal acne faster and feel good about it.

Natural Beauty

Viva RF

Rejuvenate and stimulate

your skin for a more

youthful complexion.

Male Waxing. Muscular male torso, chest

Laser Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair

almost anywhere.

Naked Beauty

Nano Therapy

Infuse your skin with moisture

and stimulate your skins

collagen production.

Smiling Fit Model

Deinflammation Therapy 

Decrease excess inflammation, and provide synergistic results for your 

hard working muscles.


Plasma Therapy

Surgery-like results, no

scalpels necessary.

Woman in Underwear

Body Contouring

Reduce cellulite, banish stubborn

fat and tighten skin

all without lifting a finger.

Young Woman with Freckles

Banish dark spots, even skintone,

and remove unsightly veins.


Treat yourself to something extra!

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