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Give the gift of confidence and beauty to the friends and loved ones in your life.

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Bare and Bold Laser Body Shop was born from the need to have an all-inclusive medical spa, where you could be totally you. ​

Too often we have found that other practices shy away from true genuine connection, and can be intimidating to their consumers. No one wants to be nervous going into treatment because they feel like they may be criticized. Whether you are seeing us for advanced treatment, or something more intimate like The Zillion treatment, or Laser Hair Removal for your toes or tummy we stand by our commitment to you by offering advanced services with zero judgment. ​

We continue to fight the elitist stigma against Medical Spas by offering choose your own experience treatments, "cut the fluff" prices and human connection. Say goodbye to bubblegum expectations and hello to our Bare & Bold approach. ​

No matter your skin goals, we will be there to help support and aid in your journey to better skin health. Our goal will always be to help you feel better in your skin, and we can't wait to be part of your journey.

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