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Our Purpose

Here at Bare and Bold Laser Body Shop you are our prerogative. We cater to all bodies by promoting a healthy balance of acceptance, and nonsurgical modification. Our goal is to help you achieve your own definition of beauty. 

Multicultural Women

What We Have to Offer

We specialize in aesthetic medicine inside and out. We offer an inclusive environment backed by years of practice, education, and passion. Choose from our large menu of services that encompass the entire body and are completely customizable to be as unique as you are. 


Consultations & Appointments


During each consultation and appointment your medical aesthetician will take the time to go over your needs, wants, and set realistic expectations in order to build an experience catered just for you.  


Body Contouring and Deinflammation 

Get rid of stubborn fat and tighten loose skin, while

carving out and activating muscles with controlled heat and groundbreaking radiofrequency technology.

Treat yourself to a deinflammation and lymphatic drainage session. Bipolar magnetic energy encourages proper circulation while easing fatigue and excess inflammation. 




Plasma Therapy 

Plasma therapy is quickly becoming the hottest cosmetic treatment on the market. Get surgery quality results with no scalpels! 

Plasma therapy is the perfect nonsurgical option to erase wrinkles, plump the lips, remove scars, tighten post partum tummies, tighten loose crepey skin around the eyes, and then some! 

Meet the aesthetician

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Medical Aesthetician

Mariah has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. As a self proclaimed brick house renaissance woman she is passionate about highlighting the wonders in life, including the boldness it takes to be authentically you.